Surti does it in fine style when he lets the colour flow in liquid heat and crystallize itself in an abstract pattern, leaving certain areas to see through.
Evening News,
29th March 1979

But the real glory of the experiment is to be seen in the pure abstract endeavours as in the series under the title — FORMATION. The meeting of the red and the orange emboldened by a fine black line quiversto the feel of touch and radiates a human glow of flesh and form.
Times Of India,
March 1979

He has a good technique and excellent imagination and perspective… There is something creative and original in his works and so they look refreshingly alive and different.
Mid Day,
March 1981



The Evolution Series consists of around 25 paintings using an unusual technique – the actual painting was done while the acrylic was still being cast so that some areas were opaque, some translucent and others transparent. The theme of the exhibition was creation in all its forms – from individual to cosmic.

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The Formation

The Creator