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Soon to be released in English
The Cages: The thrilling biography of a sex worker who defied all odds to become a successful film star.
The Sufi: The shocking true story of an underworld kingpin with a spiritual bent of mind.
The Golden Collection: A collection of 16 short stories.
Butterflies on a Grave Stone: Three long short stories.


The Black Book: A woman gets impregnated by a wolf, and Yam-Zalal, the son of the Devil is born. As he matures, he starts to preach... but this is no messenger of God - he has taken birth to preach the Devil’s gospel.

Written in the classical style of the Old Testament, Author/Painter Aabid Surti’s ‘The Black Book’ created a sensation when it was published in Hindi. Innumerable seminars were held across the country to discuss and debate the relevance of this unusual book.

This edition presents the work in its entirety in English for the first time. Considered by many critics to be Aabid’s most important work, the book was originally published in Hindi in 1975. Since then it has been reprinted thrice in Hindi and translated into six languages.

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The Golf Widow: The last thing painter Aabid Surti expected was that his newest art student would turn out to be a beautiful - and bored - wife of a Japanese tycoon. Even as he began teaching her the basics of oils on canvas, she introduced him to the world of haiku and high living. Slowly, secretly, they embarked upon a relationship that changed their lives – and their marriages forever.

Published in English for the first time, ‘The Golf Widow’ tells the story of a secret relationship that bridged not just two individuals but two worlds.

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'In the name of Rama’ is a fictional tale of a true devotee of Rama, a wandering story-teller who sings the praises of Lord Rama from village to village. It is also a deeply metaphorical love story that explores the half-truths surrounding the Ram Janmabhoomi issue.

The story opens with the protagonist Ramasray who has been in coma for eight years, attended by his caretaker and beloved, Sumatiya. His inspiring story is pieced together by the young doctor who is treating him. A story of unusual courage and devotion, it climaxes on the day of the destruction of the Babri Masjid.

“This book was inspired by the real story of a police constable who stood alone at the foot of the Babri Masjid against a swirling ocean of karsevaks,” says author Aabid Surti. “You may call this madness... but I salute his courage.”

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Aabid Surti

The title is shocking, so is the novel, if you can call it that. It is really more of a documentation of two youngsters of the ill-famed Dongri locality of Mumbai. Together they take you on a journey into the dark, depressing world of Muslim society, peeling off layer after layer. This is the ghetto where the sun’s rays never reach, where the struggle for survival begins in the cradle, where danger lurks around every corer.

This is the neighborhood in which the author was raised during the golden period of gold smuggling. When Karim Lala was the supreme don, Haji Mastan was steadily moving up the ladder and Dawood Ibrahim played ‘gulli danda’ with other children. What the author saw and experienced in the formative years of his life is reported here, uncensored, in vivid detail.

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