The Live Canvas

How did your model
react to this experience?

She has always been
a person who wants to participate in innovations, undeterred if she is convinced. There are a few who’d take up the such a venture. But they do not
want to be the pioneers . They would rather follow
the herd than lead it .
This lady tried it and
found it thrilling.

Excerpts from an interview, Sunday Weekly 1977


The Live Canvas (1977) was a novel experiment in which the painter’s canvas was the skin of a beautiful young professional model. Says Aabid, “The purpose of body painting in tribals is mostly to frighten away evil spirits, mine was to create love.”
The result was a breakthrough which made it to numerous newspapers, magazines and even the cover of the Sunday Weekly magazine.

• Who'd take up such a venture ( the delited )

Published on the cover of Sunday Weekly