• His strong points are novel compositions, bold brush strokes and an elegant taste in the use of colours.
Indian Express, 15th September 1958

• Abid Surti’s 13 oils and 2 water colourss show him to be well-acquainted with the more contemporary forms of expression.
Times Of India, June 1961

• Abid who has some strong ideas, puts them on canvas with brazen strength and sometimes agonizing ambiguity.
Onlooker, 1961

• Abid Surti has refined style. Crisp and modern in his idioms, he is able to convey what he wants with ease.
Times Of India, 1962

• This rather amazing young man needs constant or rather several Interchangeable outlets for creative expressions.
JS, December 1970

For painted house -
• He went wild and I mean real wild. Cupboards, chairs, ceiling, and even bedsheets - he spared nothing.
JS, December 1970

• Standing before Surti’s new pictures with their flash and colour seemed like coming home to a strange new world .
Tom A. Noonan (cultural attaché, USA)

• Surti departed from the routine and experimented bold and difficult forms by using mirror pieces in the composition of his collages. It was not seen before like this nor were the collages attempted by any artist.
Art Journal, Bombay Art Society

Transparent Paintings-
• Surti does it in fine style when he lets the colour flow in liquid heat and crystallize itself in an abstract pattern, leaving certain areas to see through.
Evening News, 29th March 1979

• But the real glory of the experiment is to be seen in the pure abstract endeavours as in the series under the title — FORMATION. The meeting of the red and the orange emboldened by a fine black line quiversto the feel of touch and radiates a human glow of flesh and form.
Times Of India, March 1979

• He has a good technique and excellent imagination and perspective… There is something creative and original in his works and so they look refreshingly alive and different.
Mid Day, March 1981

Muslim Mystics-
• The acrylic colours applied to Italian art paper , are indeed out of this world . But what is peculiar about the relationship between colours and textures on the one hand and the philosophic theme of the paintings on the other is a unique blending of palpable sensuousness and mystic meaning … What one has called versality is evident here in ample measure . Generous abstractions , graffic- like effects and old fashioned line drawing are all present here , but the chemistry of Abid’s faith has transformed these modern miniatures into poems paralleling the pronouncements of the Sufi’s.
Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni,
Times Of India, 25th March 1982

• …Surti is unquestionably successful. The paintings all in the miniature mode ( not only small but technically in the appropriate style ) reflect the mystical spirit of the Sufi tradition specifically, and of the universal , perennial philosophy in general .
Nissim Ezekiel,
Mid Day 26 March 1982

• Surti has done his homework well: the references to Sufi traditions are firm and sure, his detailed knowledge of the mystical myths well researched.
Nikki Ty-Tomkins Seth,
Bombay, March 1982

Horizons…collages with paper strips-
• These collages were created by arranging thin , coloured paper strips horizontally, at times broken by a vertical on white paper. The horizontals very much reminded me of the horizon and hence the overall title . My studio is on Bhulabhai Desai Rd. and from it’s window I’m in constant touch with the distant horizon, the Indian ocean, the sky and its cloud formations and two coconut trees in the foreground cutting the horizon. Therearevarying colours in the sky and the ocean according to the time of the day.

• I refused to be confined to a particular style because I do not want myself to be branded. I do not sell my signature I sell my paintings .
Excerpts from interview-
Free Press Bulletin 2 April 1985

• The Live Canvas-
Q. How did your model react to this experience ?
A. She has always been a person who wants to participate in innovations , undeterred if she is convinced . There are a few who’d take up the such a venture. But they do not want to be the pioneers . They would rather follow the herd than lead it . This lady tried it and found it thrilling.
Sunday Weekly 1977

AABID Film -
• Abid, an experimental film, depicts the mind and work of Abid—a pop painter. It brings to the screen the speedy work and the devotion of the artist. It has music, no commentary.
Director : Pramod Pati
Running Time : 5 minutes
Year Of Production : 1972
Produced By : Films Division, Ministry of Information and Brodcasting, Govt. Of India, Mumbai