Aabid had started experimenting with his new style of painting on one of the four walls of his one room flat. But the creative urge being compelling, he went on and on till he had exausted the walls, the celing (includind the celing fan) and the floor.
For continuity he has prolonged his paintings so that they liberally spill over chairs and cupboard.
Times of India 1969

He went wild and I mean real wild. Cupboards, chairs, ceiling, and even bedsheets - he spared nothing.
JS December 1970



“My wife was at her parents home during the children’s summer holidays and I had no money to buy canvasses,” remembers Aabid, “so I began painting walls. The painting soon spread to the ceiling, fan, furniture, pots, pans and anything that came in my way!

So far I had been living with my paintings, now I was living within my painting.” The media lapped it up, beginning with the prestigious The Times of India newspaper. The only person who wasn’t amused was the landlord